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Home schooling has become the choose for Christians accross the nation. By teaching your own children and others in your family and friends it's like your own ministry, one at a time to those that need it most. The young ones that need the greatest guidance to become upstanding citizens and Christians in the Word of God. 
Influence by the secular society has cause much harm to the lives of young Christians. Unsocial behavior and un-Christian behavior has become the horm in schools everywhere. These negative influences are harmful to young people and caused much harm to society. Home schooling is a way to be protected from those negative influences and give a better education to young Christian children based on our faith and with traditional values we share and hope for our children to value as well.
Home schooling resource: 
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Home School Legal Defense Assoc.
Mega Ed 
Homeschooling Information and resources
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Christians in Public School - Helping Christian parents with children in public school.